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A tool to change the hair game

I literally cannot say enough good things about the Revlon One-Step Hot Air Brush. The first time my sister, who has extremely thick hair, used it she came out of her room saying that the brush was the best thing that has ever happened to her, and I don’t think she was being overly dramatic.

Ali and I used to spend around $40-$75 on a blow out + tip almost once a month because we wanted our hair to look nice but couldn’t manage to blow dry our own hair. It was way too complicated to manage the dryer and hairbrush and clips and anything else involved, so we just went to places like DryBar or our local salons. But, since we have each purchased the Revlon blow dry brush we blow dry our own hair almost every time we wash it. It takes about 5-10 minutes depending on how styled we want it to look. And the best part is, the brush was $50, and we’ve each had ours for over a year. I’m not a math person, but that’s a ton of money saved.

Brands are now trying to make their own version of the brush, like DryBar making one called the Double Shot with a “ceramic barrel” for even heat distribution. Don’t fall for it. You’re paying $150 vs $50 for the brand and the yellow handle. Just get the pink and black (or blue and black) Revlon and move on.

As far as the actual styling methods go- I typically flip my head over and brush it facing down until its 85% dry then flip it back over and smooth out the top. I have also clipped it up in sections and done it layer-by-layer. In the end they yield about the same results, and the flip over method is significantly faster so that's my go-to. Also I would like to note that I have thick and relatively straight hair for reference.

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