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Best Weekender Bags

Updated: Jul 2

Does anyone else feel like they use their weekender bags way more in the summer? Between Memorial Day weekend, 4th of July, and all the weekends down the shore, I feel like I never get the chance to put my bag away before I have to get it out again. As a professional over-packer, with a slight bag addiction, I feel like I have gathered enough bag experience to tell you about the best ones. 

MZ Wallace: 

The pro of this bag, like a few others I am going to mention, is the weight. I hate when you haven’t put anything in your bag and it already weighs 5 pounds, and me being a chronic over-packer it’s like my arm is going to fall off before I get to my destination. Quilted bags, like the MZ Wallace are so light that it’s super easy to carry them. I also love the little detachable pouches that hook to the inside, I always use them for phone chargers, bathing suits, or underwear- stuff that makes sense to have separate. The compartments on the inside are great for organizing as well, and it surprisingly fits a ton of stuff. The MZ Wallace is probably the nicest of the quilted bags because of the leather detailing, and overall look, in my opinion. Overall it’s a great weekend bag, but let’s move to the cons. I am not a fan of the price considering some of the other bags I’m going to mention, and because of the quilted material it doesn’t hold its shape at all which is sometimes annoying when you’re trying to pack. 

Price: around $275-$300

Oliver Thomas: 

This bag is the MZ Wallace’s fun cousin. The bag is essentially the same with its quilted material, inside pockets, and detachable pouches BUT the Oliver Thomas bags come in many more color options, and they have a ton of patches on their website that you can use to customize your bag. Also, the Oliver Thomas is significantly cheaper. Another plus is that this bag is water resistant, machine washable, and has an RFID technology blocking pocket which is great for airport safety. 

Price: $125-$165

Think Royln:

This bag is not “quilted” but it is super light and easy to carry. It can hold a surprising amount of clothes, and comes in tons of cute colors. I originally was using this one as a gym bag, but when I realized how much it could hold I started using this as my weekender and the Oliver Thomas as my gym bag because it can be thrown in the washing machine. 

Price: $178-$268

Longchamp Duffel:

This bag is probably the classiest of the bunch. It’s a super simple design and easy to use. I often use this bag for long weekend trips because it is the biggest (especially the expandable version), but they’re especially useful to pack in your suitcase when going on longer trips. They fold down to about an 8th of their size and can easily be stashed in any roller suitcase for spill over after shopping too much on vacation. I have this bag in medium (chocolate brown) and large (black) and I use them both very often. 

Price: $145-$255

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