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How to CRUNCH your sweet tooth

Updated: Jul 2

Can’t find a healthy fix for your sweet tooth? Two words. Catalina Crunch.

Catalina Crunch is a gluten & grain free keto friendly cereal. It has 0 grams of sugar, 8 grams of protein, 7 grams of fiber, and it is only 90 calories for 3/8th of a cup. I have tried every kind of cereals and granola under the sun, and could not find a happy medium between healthy and delish. The healthy ones tasted like cardboard and the tasty ones had tones of sugar.

But Catalina Crunch, that $h!t hits different! It is the perfect balance; it cures my sweet tooth and can eat it guilt free!

Catalina Crunch cereal comes in 6 flavors: Dark Chocolate, Cinnamon Toast, Maple Waffle, Honey Graham, Chocolate Banana, & Mint Chocolate Chip.

Truly, you can not go wrong with any of these flavors. They are all amazing but my favorite is the Dark Chocolate. Aside from eating it with almond milk, I will add Catalina Crunch in my yogurt as a replacement of granola and in my smoothies for flavor. Even sometimes, I eat it out of the bag as an afternoon snack. You can buy Catalina Crunch at most grocery stores, I usually see it the most at Wegmans and Whole Foods. I recommend this cereal to anyone and everyone- go out and try it!! You will not regret it.

Happy munching,


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