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July 2020 Favorites: Fashion

This is a hard one for me. I have so many things that I absolutely love, and with the malls finally open, I feel like I am making up for lost time (sad- but true). I would say that my top 5 favorite pieces in my wardrobe this month are Zara Denim Shorts, Ah- Dorned Messenger Bag, TALENTLESS Sweatshirt, HOKA Sneakers, and Me& Hz Gold Chunky Hoops.

Zara Hi Rise Denim Shorts:

These shorts have been my go-to shorts this summer. I started with the light- wash pair, but was so impressed by them I then bought the white, black, and darker denim. I wear these shorts literally all the time. I love how you can throw them on with a graphic T- shirt, but also are able to dress them up with a flowy summer top. Their high-rise hits in the perfect place, not too high and not too low. Not only are they an amazing price ($30), but they are EXTREMELY comfortable. The shorts are made with a very forgiving denim. You can go out for dinner or drinks and not feel like you need to unbutton your shorts (yes- in other brands of jean shorts I found myself needing to do this). 

Ah- Dorned Messenger Bag:

Ok- this bag is actually the CUTEST. My favorite part of this bag is how you can buy different straps and change them to go with your outfit. For example, I have the gray, black, white camo sparkle strap that I love to wear with simpler outfits to add some spice. But when I wear a patterned or complex outfit, I swap the camo strap out with my white strap. The actual bag part comes in many different materials: vegan leather, suede, nylon, neoprene, faux python, and genuine leather. I have the vegan leather bag and absolutely love it. These bags are very well priced, trendy, and so easy to incorporate in your outfits. My next purchase from Ah- Dorned will definitely be the neoprene messenger bag, it is extremely light and perfect for the summer. 

TALENTLESS Sweatshirt:

On cooler summer nights, I always find myself reaching for my TALENTLESS sweatshirt. I bought the white women’s “show me the love sweatshirt” in a size large. I sized up in this sweatshirt, and I am so glad that I did. I wanted it to be a little bigger and baggy on me and the large does just that. I don’t think that you can go wrong with any of TALENTLESS sweatshirts. All of the patterns and sayings on that back are so cute. I chose the “show me the love sweatshirt” because I loved the heart on the sleeve. One thing to note before buying TALENTLESS is their material is very thick. You can tell that it is a very good quality sweatshirt but the material is a little stiff. If you are someone who likes a very soft and giving sweatshirt, TALENTLESS may not be the best option for you. Don't get me wrong- the sweatshirt is very comfortable, it is just not super forgiving. I love my TALENTLESS sweatshirt and am definitely in the market for more of their merch.  

HOKA Sneakers

HOKA Sneakers have changed my fitness life. Before purchasing this sneaker, I used to get the worst shin splints and pain in my heels. I literally could not run more than a mile without intense pain shooting through my legs. I used to buy running sneakers by the look of them. I never looked into what is important in a running sneaker. I based my purchase solely off of the shoes appearance. Then I decided that I am going to run a half- marathon this upcoming year, and it was time to purchase a running shoe that was actually meant for running (that seems obvious now but I was too worried about clout). I ended up going to a running store and ran on the treadmill to determine what they thought was the best fit. They recommended HOKA’s. At first glance, I remember thinking “your kidding.” But after seeing all the different color choices, I decided that the pink pair were cute and would get the job done. HOKA’s definitely do not have as much swag as something like Nike Air Max’s but they have grown on me. Their chunky, cushiony platform is actually such a vibe. HOKAs are the most supportive and comfortable sneakers out there. I wear them pretty much everyday and thanks to them- I can officially run pain free.

Me& Hz Gold Chunky Hoops

If you read our previous article (and if you haven't- go read!), Everything there is to know about Gold Hoops, you know that I am a sucker for gold hoops. The Me& Hz Gold Chunky Hoops have been my favorite pair this month. I bought them from Amazon for $13 dollars. I love this pair because they are lightweight, chunky, and cheap. I mean c’mon - what's better than that?  Also, I love their shape. They curve in towards your head which sets them apart from your basic, typical chunky gold hoop. I wear these hoops everywhere- going-out, running errands, and even just lounging around. 

These are my top 5 favorite pieces of July that I am constantly wearing. So much so that sometimes I will try to change it up by wearing something else but then find myself resorting back to these pieces. Each of these are an amazing wardrobe, and you seriously can't go wrong with any of them. Definitely check them out, you will not regret it. 

With love, 


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