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Oily Skin vs. Dry Skin Gimmicks (don’t fall for them)

I have been a lover of skincare my whole life. In the beginning (when I was around 12-14 years old) it wasn’t really a choice because I had such bad cystic acne that I thought about it morning, noon, and night. Then I started caking on the makeup when I was around 15 to cover the acne which just made me super oily. This caused a cyclical reaction of makeup> oily skin> breakouts> too much exfoliating> more makeup for years of high school. I tried using oil free products, a lot of exfoliation, masks, and way too much powder to combat these issues and it wasn't until recently that I realized that whole time I was making the issues worse. I was using oil free products and exfoliating and stripping my skin which caused me to have more breakouts. I thought cleaning my skin more would make it cleaner, but it actually just caused my skin to loose its natural oil and overproduce more oil to combat the issue.

I was falling for this marketing tactic that said I had oily skin, therefore I can never use oils, I had to always choose the oil free products, I had to only use a light moisturizer, I had to only use powder foundation, blah blah blah. NO!!!

Moral of the story is- don’t fall for the oily skin VS dry skin gimmicky show down. I saw my friends putting oil on their skin at night before bed and I was like “who said I can’t do that too?” So I started putting on a light facial oil every night and my skin has never been more “normal”. All those years I was using products that were stripping my skin and all it was doing was causing me to produce more oil. It was terrible. Now I use powder whenever, and oil whenever I want and my skin is as happy as can be.

Here is my routine:


1- Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

2-Cocokind Rose Water Toner (beware the smell of this one. It’s amazing but natural products have a v ~natural~ smell)

3-Cocokind Matcha Stick under my eyes and on my lips,

4-Glossier Priming Moisturizer Balance

5-Supergoop GlowScreen (I’ll talk about the importance of SPF in another blog)

6-then my makeup (which, if you want my natural makeup look please lmk)


1-Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser (I use this dry if I’m wearing makeup then use water to wash it all off)

2-Cocokind Rose Water Toner OR Glossier Solution if I feel like I need a little exfoliating

3-The Ordinary Azelaic Acid (I saw this in a TikTok that said it was good for redness and blemishes so I tried it and love it!)

4-Cocokind Matcha Stick OR Glossier Bubblewrap under my eyes

5-GOOP Enriching face oil OR coconut oil OR Go-To Face Hero face oil OR The Ordinary Rosehip Oil (I love sleeping in an oil and really massaging it into my skin before bed)

6-Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Your best bet is to choose the most balanced and natural skincare you can! Please don't use scrubs on your face, use a nice light oil before bed, drink lots of water, and be kind to yourself.


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