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Sunday Sweat

After months of living in our favorite joggers, most of us feel like we are carrying a few extra pounds. Adding a short routine to help trim down can be very simple and will boost your confidence in your bikini all summer long. Adding a detox drink to your daily routine will help to reduce bloating (see below for our favorite detox combo). Combine that with this short HIIT workout (see below) and you will feel like a million bucks. Try adding these two tricks to your routine and notice the difference!

Detox Drink:

• water

• ginger

• cayenne pepper

• fresh squeezed lemon


• honey (for those with a sweet tooth)

• apple cider vinegar (for those who really want to kick start your metabolism)


Complete 2-3 Rounds x 30 secs each👇🏼

• Mountain climbers

• Burpees

• Jumping jacks

• Squat jacks

• Side tricep press-up (R + L)

• Flutter kicks

• V-sit bicycle crunches

• Curtsey lunges

Feeling like you need a little more? Add a 2-3 mile walk/run for an added challenge.

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Happy sweating,


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