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Swimming in Style

SWIM SZN- my absolute favorite season of the year!!! Each year, as summer comes and goes, the trends for swimsuits change with it. 

This seasons the top 3 trends are: 

String Tie Bottoms- 

Although these bottoms have been around forever, this swim season- they are everywhere. These bottoms are definitely on the smaller and skimpier side, but they’re a vibe. Typically, I rock these bottoms at pool parties or hanging out with friends. 

Some places to buy these types of bottoms are Frankies BikinisPrincess Polly, and PacSun.

Tie Dye Bathing Suits- 

Tie Dye. Tie Dye has made a comeback like no other. From designers and people doing it as a quarantine activity, tie dye is HUGE right now. Tie dye is fun, and looks 10x better when you are sporting a good tan.

You can buy tie dye bathing suits anywhere & everywhere, but a few of my favorites places are Revolve & Shop Bop

High Thigh Bottoms- 

Often, people confuse high waisted and high- thigh bottoms. High waisted bottoms are high rise bottoms that typically come up to your belly button, or close to it. High thigh, also called high cut or high leg, bathing suit bottoms are different. This is when the side of the bottom is pulled higher up on your hip, but the front and back do not come up. These bottoms are extremely popular right now, and are also really flattering. High Thigh bottoms are great because they do not give you a huge tan line across your stomach, but still hug your sides perfectly! 

Because these bottoms are so popular, they are sold many places but I have found that the best brands for these are Triangl Swimwear & Frankies Bikinis

Each brand I listed above vary in price but bathing suits are definitely a piece of my wardrobe that I splurge on. I have found that when it comes to buying a bathing suit, I would rather have a few good quality bathing suits rather than a bunch of inexpensive swimsuits. From my experience, when purchasing swimsuits on the cheaper side, I have not had much luck. I could never get the sizing right. Often, they were see- through and took a very long time to ship. However, PacSun and ASOS have very reasonable prices- I love the way they fit, look, and feel! Usually, I will splurge on staple bathing suits that I know I can wear for more than one season and for trendy ones I will opt for brands like PacSun and ASOS

My all-time favorite bathing suit brands are L*SPACE, Beach Riot, Tularosa, and Vitamin A. Their quality & fit is amazing. I love these brands because they keep up with the current trends but also have their own styles that set them apart. With that being said, their prices are definitely high but in my opinion, it is totally worth it. 

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